Wet wipes turn nasty when you flush them

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Wet wipes might be nice on your face or bum. But flush them and things get ugly.

The drains that flow from our houses are the size of a teacup. It only takes a few wipes to clog them up and cause nasty pongs in your home and a pricey plumber’s bill to fix them. The average cost to clear a blockage is £66 but it can be as much as £200.

UK water companies spend over £81million on nearly 400,000 blockages each year, up to 80% of which are caused by wet wipes and their unflushable buddies like cotton buds and nappies. This leads to more expensive water bills for everyone.

If you piled up skips full of all the unflushable stuff found in our sewers, it could reach as high as Everest (It’d smell a lot worse though).

Those wipes that squeeze through the drain team up with fats, oils and greases to make giant fatbergs. Some as big as a double decker bus. When it rains a lot, raw sewage then has nowhere to go so can end up in our seas and on our beaches – spoiling everyone’s fun.

The Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean weekend found nearly 4,000 wet wipes littering our beaches. That’s nearly 50 for every kilometer of coastline and a 400% increase in the last decade. These wipes can be mistaken for food by all sorts of precious marine life. Which is totally not cool.

No-one is safe from an angry flushed wet wipe.

When flushed, wipes don't disintegrate like toilet paper and they typically contain plastic. This means once they reach the sea, they stick around for a very, very, very, very, very long time. Worse still, the plastics found in wet wipes are entering the food chain. That’s bad news for humanfolk everywhere.

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If it’s not paper, pee or poo, don’t flush it down the loo.

Make the three Ps your new bathroom mantra. Keep a bin by your toilet and share our message with your friends, colleagues – even your pet tortoise. Together we can take on the wet wipe monsters and keep our homes and coastlines safe.

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Flushable? Dispersible? Biodegradable? Somethingelseable? It’s easy to get confused over what’s ok to pop down the loo. We’re asking high street retailers to drop the science from their packaging by clearly stating only pee, poo and paper should ever be flushed. Want to learn more? Check out our most commonly asked questions.

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